Land Rover Defender Works V8

The Land Rover Defender returns with a V8 engine and 405HP

Land Rover will celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. 70 years of one of the most emblematic off-road vehicle manufacturers of the Land Rover Defender. We are still dreaming of the return of the most authentic and desired Land Rover SUV. We know there will be a new generation of the Land Rover Defender and we have already seen, even as some enthusiast wanted to re-produce the Defender on its own. Meanwhile, the Land Rover Defender returns, two years after it ceased production, with a fleeting and passionate edition, a Land Rover Defender Works with V8 engine and 405 HP of power. 



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The Land Rover 70th anniversary

Land Rover wanted to celebrate the 70 years of the brand with a very special gift for its most enthusiastic customers. So they set out to recover 150 units of the Land Rover Defender that stopped producing in 2016, to equip them with a V8 engine and create this exclusive edition.
The Land Rover Defender Works V8 pays homage to those Defenders of eight cylinders that began to be manufactured in the late seventies. Land Rover even recognizes that, in 2014, when the Defender was still being produced, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a more powerful Defender with a V8 engine was often requested. But that plan has finally been carried out two years after it stopped being manufactured.

It is a fleeting return of the Land Rover Defender, limited edition and V8 engine, two years after its production in Solihull finished

Land Rover Defender V8 Engine

As a good off-roader dictates, the Land Rover Defender Works V8 will be equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 engine, but atmospheric, and not the compressor-supercharged version used by the most powerful Land Rover and Jaguar products. We are talking about an engine that delivers 405 HP of power and 515 Nm of maximum torque, associated with an automatic change – of torque converter – ZF. That leaves us with the most powerful Land Rover Defender in history. This vehicle is capable of practicing 0 to 100 km/h in just over 5.6 seconds and reach 170 km/h, the electronically limited maximum speed.

It is the most powerful and fastest Land Rover Defender in history

But its exclusivity will be unparalleled. Only 150 units will be manufactured and the sales will be restricted to the UK. To acquire it in other regions, it will be necessary to import it, something that will increase the cost. The price in the United Kingdom, for the most affordable version, will start at $209.000.

Land Rover also confirms that there will be a new Defender, as agile off the road as always, and equipped with technologies that make it an even more efficient SUV.